A background of background music in video game videos

A gaming subculture, video game streaming, has emerged that involves a fluid interaction between games, people, and music. It has been made possible through advancements in computing power and streaming technology, the development of games that can be played through the internet, and readily accessible music. If you’re from an older generation, you might think it’s loopy to watch other people play video games for fun. People of Generation Y (roughly born 1980-2000) – my generation – still mainly play conventional computer games in conventional social settings. Some are engaged in localised gaming communities, usually amongst a group of friends. Others get involved in amateur and professional societies and competitions, such as Super Smash Bros-playing groups, popular throughout the UK. More often, early-Generation Y-ers are less willing to broadcast our interactions with others. Only a select few feel confident enough in this artform to build on online subculture around it.

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