A Generative

Audio Visual

VR Experience

Kantor is an artistic VR experience.

Fly through 9 worlds inspired by abstract art.

Explore the interaction between the visuals and the ever-changing music. Linger in a world to discover the audio-visual details, or find a portal to access the next art island.

Kantor is designed to elicit a profound emotional reaction through the use of colour, sound, motion, patterns and music. Take a break from the real world, relax, and abandon yourself in the virtual environment, floating through geometrical patterns and soundscapes.

Listen and download the music here:

At Melodrive, we strive to push the boundaries of music and creativity with AI.

With Kantor, we intended to explore human-machine co-creation of music and visuals in a VR setting. If you’d like to know more abou t how we built Kantor, you can take a look at the article “Making Kantor: Human-machine Collaboration to Build Artistic VR”.