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What is Oceania?

Oceania is an ambient music VR seascape experience where the music dynamically adapts to the emotional context that the user experiences. Swimming with sea creatures, you interact with a happy whale, an angry shark, a sad shipwreck and a tender fish.

What are the unique music features in Oceania?

Oceania features emotionally adaptive ambient music. The emotion of the music changes continuously, based on how close the player is to each sea creature. Every time you get in Oceania, the music will be different.

What are some other example applications in interactive experiences?

Dynamic emotional music can be used in various interactive experiences and virtual worlds. Melodrive’s emotional API enables emotional points in a virtual landscape to be associated with a musical emotion. A village in a VR virtual world might be tagged as happy, whereas a haunted forest becomes sad. When the user moves from the village to the forest the music gets increasingly more sad. Users may even create custom music for their avatars. The music can become part of their virtual profile. Virtual worlds are places where users can hang out with friends, and have spaces associated with different moods. They can enjoy these worlds and environments, changing emotion in the music depending on the evolving contexts and interactions in the experience.

How is music currently handled in interactive experiences?

In many interactive experiences, particularly in virtual worlds, music is often not included. Music is difficult and expensive to acquire and to implement. When it’s used, the music is usually a collection of static tracks. Some current virtual worlds permit a degree of interactivity with music, but they are generally limited particularly with user interaction. The resulting music therefore doesn’t fit the content.

How does Melodrive improve the current status?

Melodrive enables content creators and users without musical skills to create music on the fly. They can generate custom music in a variety of styles in realtime, with control over a range of emotions and instruments. This permits greater user interaction and immersion by the user, particularly in a virtual world.

What platforms does Oceania run on?

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive