Redefining Music in User-Generated Content

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What is SoundSlides?

SoundSlides is a desktop app where users can create slideshows of their own pictures and add a dynamic soundtrack. The user can pick the overall music style and assign different emotional tags to each picture.

What are the unique music features in SoundSlides?

SoundSlides uses Melodrive’s built-in musical styles to map user-specified emotional tags to bridge visual content with music. When transitioning between two photo slides with different emotions, Melodrive instantly creates an emotional change in the music.

What are some other example applications in user-generated content?

Melodrive’s features can apply to various online and offline UGC platforms, like social media, blogs, wikis and videos. When video editing for instance, users can put different emotional tags at various points in the showreel specifying how the music should dynamically change. You could perform sentiment analysis on a blog post, and pass the emotional information to Melodrive, which would then create music that matches the emotional content of the text while you read!

How is music currently handled in user-generated content?

Currently, user-generated content often doesn’t have any soundtrack at all, because finding appropriate and accessible music is difficult. When it does have music, it is often linear and generic stock tracks, which generally doesn’t fit the content of the media or permit users to interact fully with the musical creative process.

How does Melodrive improve the current status?

Melodrive empowers users with limited musical skills to have a high degree of control over music generation, on the fly. It enables customised musical style and emotion change that fits the content of the media and boosts interactivity and immersion. Melodrive enables users with limited musical skills to create custom music for the content they publish. Users have full control over emotion, musical style and instruments that are brought into their creations. This permits greater user interaction and engagement. In a study we conducted, we found that 73% of users would love to create music if it was easier to accomplish, or assisted.

What platforms does SoundSlides run on?

Windows, Mac OS (coming soon!)