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Melodrive gives superpowers to users with few musical skills, enabling them to create original custom music in seconds by following their intuitive workflow. In a study we ran, 88% of respondents think that music is crucial for interactive experiences. 73% of users said that they would love to create music if this process was easier or was assisted. Melodrive provides the most cutting-edge assisted musical composition AI.

Melodrive can significantly increase user engagement. In one study of Melodrive, 63% percent of users said that music that adapts dynamical to an experience is important for deeper engagement and immersion. In a psychological experiment we carried out, we found that the music generated by Melodrive can increase the time spent in a digital experience by 42% and the level of immersion by 30%.

With Melodrive, copyright and sync clauses are transparent and easy to implement. The royalty-free music can be generated simply, and the content can be quickly made-to-measure for the user.

Melodrive offers a range of application opportunities, such as enabling users to generate the music they need within a digital platform, avoiding disrupting their workflow.

How It Works

Think of Melodrive as as a virtual composer sitting inside a digital world. An augmented version of John Williams if you will! The composer listens to the events happening in an experience and creates music that matches them. On the fly. For example, when a player gets a hit from an enemy the music can respond by being emotionally more angry or dramatic. This real-time generation process is possible thanks to advancements in AI techniques, patented by Melodrive, which enable flexible change to the music to suit any emotional setting.

The music generated by Melodrive smoothly transitions between lots of emotional states. This is achieved by subtly and intelligently changing musical parameters like harmony and rhythm, depending on the target emotion. To change the emotional state of the music, Melodrive needs to receive emotional contextual information from the experience. Different experiences can map different game parameters onto emotional parameters and music parameters. For example, in an adventure game, emotional information could be linked to a character’s health. The less healthy the character, the more sad the music might become. In a music visualiser, the emotional information could be linked to the hand gestures of the user. These are just potential applications, but the possibilities are endless.

Content creators and users need a music solution that can provide vast amounts of music, and easily. Melodrive provides an infinite stream of music that gets continuously varied by the AI. The result is music that is always fresh and original, but sensitive to context. This way the music doesn’t get annoying after repeated listenings, and yet it is still recognisable as it is based on the same basic musical material. This solves the issue of boredom, which is significant among gamers. In a survey we conducted, we found that 51% of interactive content users think that looped music decreases the level of immersion. We agree with this, and have addressed the creation deficit problem too, which is the simple lack of abundant, interesting music for emerging interactive media. Melodrive provides infinite music with the click of a button!

Users can interact with the music generated by Melodrive to improve their musical experience. Users can select instruments, musical styles, and influence the emotional context of the music. In all types of interactions, the basic musical content (musical theme) remains unchanged, and gets re-implemented to fit the preferences of the user.

Imagine Melodrive as a music layer that provides music to the content layer, when required. There are two routes to integrate Melodrive. You can use the embeddable Melodrive SDK, or get music via a cloud stream, accessing the Melodrive API.

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