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Redefining Music Branding and Localisation

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What is World Music?

World Music is a desktop app that showcases Melodrive’s “Musical Seed” feature to produce branded and localised music for various musical styles, based on location. You can visit House music in Berlin, Piano style in Vienna, Chiptune style in Japan or Rock style in Philadelphia.

What are the unique music features in World Music?

World Music uses a single branded “Musical Seed” heard in four musical styles in particular locations on the Earth. The branded music is always recognisable, but it is infinitely varied, so is always interesting.

What are some other example applications in music branding and localisation?

Branded experiences need to engage consumers. Music can help with this, by providing a tailored branded experience that suits the taste, demographics and background of each consumer. With Melodrive, streaming music services could air ads where the music is customised based on the popular musical styles in that location, or even the preferred style of the consumer. For interactive ads, the musical content might be required to be constant, yet the music as played could be dynamic, depending on the context. Consumers could interact with a branded jingle, exploring different sets of musical styles and instruments to engage with the brand.

How is music currently handled in music branding and localisation?

Brands often rely on jingles and collection of static tracks that make up their sonic brand. This music is not easy to customise or adapt. Consumers generally do not interact with the music at all. This limits the consumer’s engagement and the brand’s relevance in the region. Musical sources are often finite and costly, and so providers have a limited scope to acquire the right music for consumers.

How does Melodrive improve the current status?

With Melodrive, consumers can interact with the music and become more engaged with a brand. The branded music can be customised to suit the prefered style and emotional context of the consumer. Melodrive enables brands to serve music which is tailormade to each user. Melodrive provides an infinite stream of musical variation in realtime, so that a branded jingle doesn’t get annoying after repeated listenings, yet is still recognisable. The music generated has no sync costs and solves the painstaking copyright issues brands have to face when acquiring music.

What platforms does World Music run on?

Windows, Mac OS (coming soon!)