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  • AI music
  • Music information retrieval
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Data science

About us

We’re a team of PhDs and researchers with extensive industry experience in AI, audio, music technology and video games.

We love working on ground-breaking projects – like building Melodrive Indie, our AI engine that automatically generates music for video games in realtime. But our range of expertise means we can adapt to virtually any business.

We only choose promising projects at innovative companies looking to revolutionise their industries.

Our expertise

AI music

Building intelligent applications that generate music autonomously.

Music information retrieval

Extracting information from music and audio sources.

Machine learning

Developing deep learning models that learn and improve from a training data set.

Data science

Analysing massive datasets to provide statistical insights that drive growth and value.

Game and behavioural AI

Implementing agents that can perform complex behaviours in virtual environments.

Music and sound design

Creating adaptive soundtracks and audio effects for video games, VR and AR.

What we do

Intelligent applications are redefining business.

  • Prototype AI software solutions
  • Design intelligent algorithms for your business goals
  • Develop, implement, and maintain applications
  • Special expertise in music and audio applications

We offer fine-tuned, end-to-end AI solutions, delivering scalable, production-grade applications.

AI strategy
and training
Are you ready to enter the AI revolution?

  • Know about the AI space and the technologies involved
  • Identify the right opportunities for your business
  • Develop a long term AI and data strategy

We offer tailored learning content to your executives and technical team. Our effective AI strategies will accelerate your business.

Generative music
Leverage AI to create deeply engaging soundtracks.

  • Conceptualise and design immersive music
  • Prototype and develop bespoke AI music solutions
  • Speed up the creation process with our AI music engine

We build end-to-end generative music soundtracks, handling both the creative and technological sides.

Who we’ve worked with:

What our clients say of us

Things we’ve done

Built Melodrive Indie, a music engine that leverages AI to generate music on the fly

Developed an AI-driven sonic language system for virtual creatures.

Produced adaptive soundtracks for video games and VR applications.

Extracted information from massive musical datasets.

Provided technical consultancy to top commercial music producers.

Facilitated workshops and training sessions in AI, machine learning and music.

Meet our interdisciplinary team

Valerio Velardo, PhD


Valerio is an AI and music researcher, composer, conductor, pianist and programmer. He earned a PhD in Music and AI from the University of Huddersfield. He developed mathematical and computational models to simulate the behaviour of music societies. Valerio also studied astrophysics, with a focus on complex systems and its applications in the social sciences.

Andy Elmsley, PhD


Andy is a machine learning expert, games developer, artist and musician and with a keen interest in human/AI interaction and co-creation. He earned his PhD from City University of London where he focussed on real-time expressive rhythm generation using deep learning. He also once conducted a robot orchestra playing the Dr Who theme tune for the BBC.

Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, PhD

AI music programmer

Cárthach is a musician, composer and engineer with over a decade’s experience in the industry, arts and academia. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an M.Phil. in Music & Media from Trinity College Dublin. He has created many prize-winning systems for algorithmic and assisted composition, and in a past life produced audio for numerous Triple A game titles with Microsoft Games Studios.

Christian Tronhjem

Product and sound designer

Christian heads up our product team, and is a specialist in agile user-driven product development. He also holds a masters in Electronic Music Composition from the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark, with a special focus on game audio from DADIU. He’s worked as a composer, sound designer and sound engineer across different media; from award-nominated dance performances, short films, games and TV commercials, to mixing, mastering and producing death metal, jazz and everything in between.

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