Redefining Music with Artificial Intelligence

Melodrive is the first AI music system that composes an infinite
stream of original, emotionally variable music in realtime.

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Are you an indie developer? Melodrive is free for indies!

In interactive media, the environmental conditions change all the time, requiring truly dynamic music.

Melodrive is the first AI music system that generates original music in an instant, in realtime.

Music must fit the continuously changing emotion of the content, be coherent, engaging and inspiring.

Melodrive’s music continuously adapts to user interaction and emotion, as well as the affective conditions of an experience.

There is a huge amount of interactive media being made by content providers and users every day.

Melodrive creates an infinite ever-changing stream of original music.

Digital tourists and creators want to interact with music for more engaging experiences.

Melodrive lets users create their own music, by changing style and emotion, melody and instruments, in an instant, on the fly.

Integrated content requires an integrated music solution for a synergy between platform, creator and user.

Melodrive is super easy to integrate through either an embeddable SDK or cloud based API.

Redefining Music
in Interactive Media

We’ve developed a suite of demos to showcase Melodrive’s potential across a range of use cases.

Are You an Indie Developer?

Melodrive is free for indies!

Who We Are

We’re a team of music and artificial intelligence researchers passionate about music, technology and digital media.


Valerio Velardo, PhD

Co-founder, CEO

Andy Elmsley, PhD

Co-founder, CTO

Trevor Rawbone, PhD

Music Theorist

Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, PhD

Generative Music Developer

Christian Tronhjem

Interactive Sound Designer

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