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Melodrive is the first AI music system that composes an infinite stream of original, emotionally variable music in realtime.

With Melodrive Lite and Melodrive Indie, we have everything covered to help you get into deep adaptive music right away, for free!*

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Deep adaptive music

Real-time, dynamic generation of infinite music that can adapt to the unique and complex requirements of your interactive game or experience.

Professional-grade audio

State of the art synthesisers and samplers, along with pro-level effects and mixing.

Easy to use and integrate

Full Unity support out of the box, and easily extendable to any other platform or technology with the native dynamic library.

Instant music customisation

Developers and end-users can create their own music, by changing style and emotion, melody and instruments, in an instant, on the fly.

What's Included

  • Unity Package containing Melodrive Engine, Instruments and Scripts.
  • Native Dynamic Library for other game engines / environments.
  • Full documentation, 10 example scenes and 9 tutorial videos.
  • Polyphonic Melodrive wavetable synthesiser with 35 presets.
  • 32 high quality sampled instruments including bass, guitars, keys and drums.
  • 8 studio grade effects including compressors, EQs, reverbs, delays and distortion.
  • Preview styles, ensembles and emotions and customise the music with Melodrive Editor.

Version Comparison

Lite Indie
Price Free!* Free!!**
Infinite music generation
Real-time adaptive emotion change
Styles 4 4
Melodrive Synthesiser
Synthesiser presets 9 35
Sampled instruments 7 31
Effects 8 8
Chiptune mode
Multiple ensembles
Music customisation
Music synchronisation
Melodrive Editor
Example scenes for Unity 5 10
Support Forums
Influence future features

*Download from Unity Asset Store only

**Download from melodrive.com. Requires product registration

Get Melodrive for free

Please note: Melodrive Lite and Melodrive Indie are available for free for a limited time only and are subject to certain limitations.

If you or your company have revenues exceeding $100k you are not permitted to use Melodrive Lite or Melodrive Indie, for prototyping or otherwise, as defined in our Developer License Agreement.

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Software Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64-bit and Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or greater

Unity: Unity 2018.2+

CPU: > Intel i5 @ 2GHz recommended

RAM: > 4 GB RAM recommended

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Redefining Music
in Interactive Media

We’ve developed a suite of demos to showcase Melodrive’s potential across a range of use cases.

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