The infinite soundtrack for

the digital universe.

Melodrive is an AI composer that allows any user - no matter their level of musical skill - to create music for their digital content, simply at the click of a button.

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Melodrive provides a complete music solution to digital content platforms and authoring tools, by empowering users with no musical skills to create immersive soundtracks.

Instant music creation

Users can create and obtain original custom music in seconds by following an intuitive workflow.

Boost user engagement

The music generated by Melodrive can increase the time spent in a digital experience by 40% and the immersion level of a user by 25%.

Seamless integration

Melodrive can easily be integrated in any digital platform or authoring tools via a simple API.

No sync costs

With Melodrive there are no complex and expensive copyright and sync clauses. The music generated is royalty-free.

Preserve user workflow

Users can generate the music they need directly in the digital platform. This avoids disrupting their workflow and keeps them engaged.

No musical knowledge

Users can create immersive soundtracks for their digital content even if they don't have any musical skills.

How it works

Melodrive is a music engine that uses artificial intelligence to create original music from scratch.

Deep adaptivity

The music generated by Melodrive changes dynamically based on user’s interactions and in order to match the emotional setting of the content.

Styles and moods

Users can specify the musical style of a piece and its emotional state at a granular level.

Infinite unique music

Melodrive can produce endless and unique music. Users can decide to create a soundtrack which is coherent across multiple pieces.

Deep music customization

Content platforms and users can customize the music output choosing instruments and styles, or even creating their own.

Who's Melodrive for?

Melodrive is an ideal music solution for digital platforms and authoring tools that allow users to create, publish and share digital content.

Some examples include gaming, VR, AR, video platforms and experiences, and content authoring tools such as video editors and game engines.

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We’re a team of music and artificial intelligence researchers passionate about music, technology and digital media.

Andy Elmsley, PhD

Co-founder, CTO

Generative music researcher,
audio programmer

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Co-founder, President & CPO

Computational musicologist,
music app developer

Valerio Velardo, PhD

Co-founder, CEO

Music & AI researcher,

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