Create custom adaptive music in seconds.

Whether you’re making a game, VR, or AR experiences, Melodrive can help you create the immersive music you’ve only dreamed about.

How it works

Melodrive is a desktop app that uses artificial intelligence to generate high quality music for interactive media.

Adaptive music

Create music that changes based on your user’s interactions. Tie parameters to musical features to obtain the perfect result.

Custom music

Decide the mood of the music second by second, linked to events and objects in the interactive world. Assign them recurring musical themes.

Ever-changing music

The music is produced in realtime with infinite variations, all based off a musical “script”.

Simple and intuitive

Generate a fully adaptive soundtrack in one click, or fine tune the AI with simple musical controls. No need to have musical knowledge.

High fidelity

Choose the musical style from genres such as fantasy or 8-bit, rendered to professional standards.


Mac, Windows and Linux compatible.


We’re a team of music and artificial intelligence researchers passionate about music technology and interactive media.

Andy Elmsley

Co-founder, CTO

Generative music researcher,
audio programmer

Ryan Groves

Co-founder, CPO

Computational musicologist,
music app developer

Valerio Velardo

Co-founder, CEO

Music & AI researcher,


We’re backed by world-leading experts in AI, music and interactive media.

Graeme Bailey

Professor of AI, Cornell University

Nick Collins

Algorithmic composer, Durham University

Stephen Harmston

Market intelligence / Operations expert

Dom Jackson

Video game veteran, CTO @ West Pier Studio

Steven Jan

Music researcher, University of Huddersfield

Guy Whitmore

Video game composer, Foxface Rabbitfish

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